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SafeCare Rx/King Bio Gout Symptom Relief Review

Editor's Rating:

This product provides quick temporary relief from gout symptoms.

It considerably reduces pain, swelling and itching in joints and toes, and makes it easier to deal with gout.





  • Ammonium Phosphoricum – This relieves swelling in joints
  • Belladona – Controls joint swelling, inflammation and redness and also decreases pain
  • Colchicum – Reduces pain and makes joints and muscles less sensitive
  • Formicum Acidum (extract from ants) – Keeps the blood’s pH levels in check and makes urination painless by neutralizing uric acid in it
  • Fraxinus excelsior – Curbs pain and swelling
  • Ledum – Anti-inflammatory
  • Natrum Carbonicum – Increases the pace of healing, reduces pain and swelling in joints
  • Nux vomica – Reduces inflammation and local heating up of affected tissues. Also controls itching.
  • Utrica urens – Reduces redness and swelling in joints.

Suggested Usage

The product needs to be sprayed directly into the mouth. The recommended dosage for adults is 3 pump sprays and that for children below 12 years is 1 spray.

It can also be used topically by simply spraying the product onto the affected area 2-6 times a day until symptoms are relieved.

Will This Have Long-Term Effects?

SafeCare Rx/King Bio Gout Symptom Relief is a quick, short-acting supplement that brings temporary pain relief from gout. There are no long-term benefits of this product and it should be used whenever the condition flares up.


The listed price for this product is $24 per bottle, but it is available online on websites like Vitaliving for a reduced price of $21.60. One bottle lasts about a month or month and a half.


There is no guarantee on this product. However, the FDA has approved all ingredients for use in homeopathic medicines and dietary supplements.

Is SafeCare Rx/King Bio Gout Symptom Relief Worth Buying?

This product is not a treatment or cure, it only provides temporary relief from pain, inflammation and itching associated with gout.

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Customer Satisfaction Evaluation 99.10% 80% 75.20% 73% 61.10%
Safety Evaluation Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use
Customer Service Rating
Reorder Rate Highest Good Average Average Average
Return Policy Risk Free Unused Unopened + Restocking Fee Unopened 2 opened only
Success Rate 97.30% 77.30% 73% 75.10% 62%

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